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    Identity development
Coffee Guru
Identity development.
Large format interior artwork.
Cross-disciplinary style guide.
Coffee Guru approached Voodoo to enrich and add maturity to their brand in order to gain better traction in their national franchise sales. Previously the Coffee Guru identity only consisted of orange, brown, and their logo, but a more elaborate set of elements needed to be generated to give the identity strength.

Starting with the question. "Who is the Coffee Guru?" Voodoo developed a fictional biography of a man, driven by the death of his wife to travel the world with a goal to create the best coffee he could. Using the Guru's story, graphic and interior designers could draw upon a diverse history including regions and time frames that embodied the desired brand positioning and provide inspiration for further visual and point of sale development.

Two large scale 5m x 3m (16ft x 9ft) interior artworks were designed. Derived from the fictional history, the graphics outlined the Guru's journey across the globe and were designed in such a way that they could seamlessly be tiled, switched, connected or cropped to meet the specific installation and size requirements of individual fit-outs.