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    Rebranding/repositioning of creative agency 'Voodoo Creative'.
Voodoo Creative - Identity
Complete brand & web repositioning.
Inspired by our desire to provide good, old-fashioned service and our belief that quality design is honest, we drew inspiration from the 40s, 50s and 60s — a time when we still visited the local butcher and kids played in the street, when the sky was the limit and mankind raced toward the moon. A modest but booming era of principle and sincerity, balanced with discovery and invention, an era that we feel reflects our brand and personality perfectly.
We looked to the design pioneers from that era who established ‘mid-century modern design’ as an aesthetic. Designers like László Moholy-Nagy who taught the foundation course at the Bauhaus, or Dieter Rams whose work defined Braun and influenced Apple. Designers who believed that staying true to a subject’s essential features keeps it pure and timeless.
We adopted this minimalist approach in developing our new brand-mark — simplifying the letters to their purest, but still recognisable forms. Creating a logo that is timeless in its simplicity. Something that would have looked good in the 50s, and will continue to look good well into the future.
With mid-century modern design as our foundation and a large library of hand-picked vintage open-licence photography. The team decided upon a nearly fluorescent blue in order to add a more contemporary note to the mix.