The project is designed to aware young UI/UX designers about the cognitive elements of interactions that appear from interfaces of viewer experience in interactive media art by presenting fundamental interaction from analysed existing interactive media.
“The Presence” is a a collection of intuitive fundamental interaction. Deriving the interfaces from interactive media artworks, the collection contains experimental interactions to gain deeper insights into the interaction design. By fusing these features, the early designers and practical designers will be able to build future user experience designs more systematically. Different interactive media arts are presented throughout the experience are sourced from the analysed cognitive elements; 3As, which appears in interactive media artworks.
The project aims to help early-designers and practical designers in UI/UX field, to gain deeper insights into the fundamental interactions for higher user experience satisfaction by experiencing different visuals of fundamental interactions. 

The expression characteristics of the various interaction designs that occur in the interior space of interactive media art provide great help in understanding the interactions. In particular, viewer behaviour based on spatial cognitive elements and gesture can be used to analyse spatial support applied through the media and create the viewer's experience. In this regard, as practical UI/UX designers learn about the cognitive elements of interactions that appear from gestures of interactive media art would be a foundation to be approached to the ultimate goal of interaction design. 
The Presence