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JINA (2019)
year3, semester2, Branding
Lasalle college of the Arts, Singapore
– About JINA
Brand Story
Jina is a Korean Singaporean who is a landscape designer. JIna has started up her own gardening company with her crew, ‘Jina’ in 2017. Jina company is more known to design for musuem and bigger scaled projects rather than personal clients. Jina, herself, have a thought about karma which is a basic theory that it is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. From this ideal, main essential elements for gardening has created the brand concept which is earth, plant, rock and water. As a brand concept, elements leads to publications and merchandise design.
Jina is abstract logo. Jina have a thought about karma which is a basic theory that it is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. As a cycle, we improved it to chain symbol. On the other hand, it’s ‘J’ from Jina. For secondary logo, full name Jina comes along or use it seperately.
– Image statement (showroom)
Public can experience the brand through JINA showroom surrounded by JINA's aesthetics and merchandises since JINA does design for organisations or big companies.
– Brand's works
JINA's landscape design is reflected oriental style.  
– Touch Points
JINA flyers 
(rock, water, earth and plant)
JINA 360°​​​​​​​ Book (packaging)
JINA 360°​​​​​​​ Book (opened)
The JINA 360​​​​​°​​​​​​​ Book is for indirect experience of landscape. It's consisted of four essential elements.
JINA t-shirt series (water, plant,rock and earth)
JINA give away Mini plant 
JINA receipt
JINA mobile website paper prototype video
JINA website (mobile)
JINA website (desktop)
JINA mobile website video
JINA Instagram posting (motion graphics)
JINA instagram
JINA Instagram posts are for announcing JINA's launching in Seoul, South Korea.