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Memoji: The latest marketing trend

Animoji: The marketing trend of 2021

Adding Animojis to your communication, recruitment and sales strategy helps increase engagement with your target audience and position yourself as an innovator in the market. At CROING, as a creative and digital agency, we have used them to generate never-before-seen content such as animated and personalized informational videos. 

We also use them in our electronic signatures to position ourselves in the top of mind of our clients as an innovative agency and to capture the attention of those who read us.

We have fun creating our animojis

The first step was to create the memoji of each member of the agency. The facial features are intended to resemble each person as closely as possible, and to this end all the details are included: piercings, hair shape and color, accessories.

Can they have a voice? Of course they can. Through the voice record, each person chooses the tone of communication and the personality they want to give to their memoji. Prior to this step, we create scripts with the clear messages we want to convey.

Time to animate them! Once the previous steps have been completed, the most fun moment arrives: the animation. Facial recognition is used to give movement to the mouth and head of each memoji. At the same time, voice recording is added to simulate speech and interaction. 

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Memoji: The latest marketing trend