Mindbox is a marketing automation platform with over five hundred customers within large and medium-sized enterprises.
Our goal was to make an intuitive interface, speed up new features, and build the frontend.
To do so, we designed the whole visual code from scratch; updated grids, fonts, icons, and color schemes. 

In the end, we got a simple and elegant design that significantly reduced the customer contact rate. 
We have also visualized scenario setups. From now on, you can effortlessly build them in the visual editor.
Settings are found in one place and can be hidden when necessary. 
We also designed a universal table layout, so users can easily find any information they need. At the same time, developers can quickly select the cell types, create tables with CSS Grid, and even adjust them to lower screen resolutions.
We also introduced a visual report display and built the sales funnel into the analytical report showing instantly how many leads were generated. 
The product list has a photo preview for extra clarity. A newly added action bar can help move products quickly to segments, delete, import, or export them.
We moved the most important information about the product to the top and put together a ranked category list. We made product actions more distinct and added system success messages.
We didn’t only design this intricate system but also assisted in building frontend components.

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