BestStocks is an online investment advice service where analysts, insiders, and hedge fund managers share their expertise and top stock-picking recommendations. BestStocks operates on TipRanks collection and financial data analysis.
We wanted our new design to channel the product value and simplify the subscription customer journey.

While developing new features, we used TipRanks as a reference, although we kept the old website structure. The research was planned to be carried out in the new design.

We made a mood board to match our vision with the client. We decided on new typography, color scheme, and a grid; we created icons and designed prototypes for more complex pages.
We had a fresh design concept within a month based on the main page and individual stock pages. In the process, we realized that we had to choose a new primary color and redesign the logo; the previous one didn't go with the new design.
Some aspects of the project require many different tables and charts, so we developed a universal chart style.
It was vital to adjust the chart style to the Trading View to fit seamlessly into our design. Done and done. 
We went over CJM in great detail and had the final designs ready after two iterations.
In addition to the main page, we developed eleven other sections and placeholder pages.
We played around with stock cards, looks, and contents to ensure that even a complete beginner could make the most out of them. 
We divided the menu into logical blocks and added icons to make interacting with sections easier. CTA was added as well.
We came up with a way to emphasize the benefits of a Premium subscription and engage users. 
At the top of the page, we put the most crucial information, edited subscription rates descriptions, easy and clear to understand for beginners and pros alike. 
Users can now set the budget and other parameters on a separate page. The service algorithm will automatically put together a stock portfolio according to analysts' recommendations.
We designed a separate landing page with all the benefits of a premium subscription. We rendered 3D icons and other elements used in the project. 
We put together a color and font library, documented all states and interaction specs for core components.