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Central Underwriting Agency Case Study


Central Underwriting Agency was established in 2016 with a mission to provide intermediaries with a wide range of insurance solutions through dedicated authorised decision-makers. The company has a strong focus on Agricultural and Commercial Insurance and is backed by experienced professionals. In 2018, Central Underwriting entered a partnership with Renasa Insurance Company Limited to further enhance their offerings.


The objectives for the Central Underwriting Agency's project included:

1) Improve online visibility through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
2) Create a responsive and modern web design.
3) Implement a Content Management System (CMS) using WordPress.
4) Provide ongoing web maintenance and webmaster services.
5) Design a professional email signature.
6) Develop a strong brand identity and design elements.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To improve Central Underwriting's online presence, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, including:

- Keyword research to target relevant search queries.
- On-page optimisation, including meta tags, headers, and content structure.
- Off-page optimisation through high-quality backlinks and directory submissions.
- Technical SEO improvements, such as site speed optimisation and mobile-friendliness.

Responsive Web Design

- A modern and responsive web design was created, ensuring:
- An optimal viewing experience across various devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.
- Clear and easy-to-use navigation.
- A visually appealing layout with a strong focus on the company's unique selling points.

Content Management System (CMS) using WordPress

I implemented a WordPress CMS to allow for easy content updates and management. This included:

- Custom theme development tailored to the company's brand identity.
- Integration of essential plugins for security, SEO, and performance.
- Training for staff members on content management best practices.

Web Maintenance (Webmaster Service)

Ongoing web maintenance services were provided, including:

- Regular updates to WordPress, plugins, and themes.
- Security monitoring and implementation of necessary patches.
- Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues.

Email Signature Design

A professional email signature design was created to promote brand consistency and enhance the company's communication efforts.

Brand Design (Corporate Identity)

We developed a strong corporate identity for Central Underwriting Agency, including:

- Logo Design: A unique and memorable logo that communicates the company's expertise and authority in the insurance industry.
- Letterhead Design: A professional letterhead that incorporates the company's --branding elements and contact information.
- Brochure Design: An informative and visually appealing brochure that highlights the company's products and services.
- Business Card Design: A clean and professional business card design that reflects the company's brand identity.
- Document Cover Design: Custom document cover designs for various reports and presentations.


Central Underwriting Agency experienced significant improvements in their online visibility, brand identity, and overall professional image through the implementation of these solutions. The new website, combined with effective SEO strategies, increased organic traffic and attracted more potential clients. The strong corporate identity, including logo and collateral designs, reinforced the company's credibility in the insurance industry and enhanced customer relationships.
Central Underwriting Agency

Central Underwriting Agency