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Pop-Culture Comic Characters Social Media Banners

Case Study: Pop-Culture Comic Characters Social Media Banners for

Overview is a leading recruitment job board in South Africa that specialises in connecting job seekers with employers in various industries. To increase their brand visibility and engagement on social media, they wanted to launch a series of Instagram banners featuring pop-culture comic characters with catchy phrases. The objective was to create a visual campaign that would capture the attention of potential clients and candidates, while also reinforcing the company's brand identity.


The main challenge was to create a unique and memorable series of Instagram banners that would appeal to a wide audience and differentiate from competitors in the recruitment space. The design had to be captivating, engaging, and aligned with the company's brand identity. Additionally, the banners had to be created in Instagram's size dimensions to ensure optimal display on the platform.

Pop-culture comic characters can resonate with a variety of demographics, but they are likely to have the most significant appeal among the following groups within the Young Adult demographic (ages 20-34):

1. Early Young Adults (ages 20-24): This group often includes university students and recent graduates who may have grown up with these characters and can relate to their stories. They might also be drawn to the sense of nostalgia and escapism that comic characters can offer.

2. Mid Young Adults (ages 25-29): Young professionals in this age group may still have a strong connection to the comic characters they enjoyed during their childhood and teenage years. They might appreciate the art, storytelling, and creativity found in comic books and related media.

3. Singles: Young adults who are not in committed relationships might have more leisure time to engage with comic characters through various media forms, such as comic books, movies, and TV shows. They may also be more likely to attend events like comic conventions and engage in fan communities.

4. Career-focused: Comic characters can provide a form of escapism and entertainment for those who are deeply involved in their careers. Engaging with these characters and their stories can be a way to unwind and relax after a long day at work.

5. Health and Fitness Enthusiasts: Some comic characters, especially superheroes, promote themes of strength, determination, and resilience, which can resonate with young adults who prioritise health and fitness in their lives.

The appeal of pop-culture comic characters can vary significantly depending on the specific character, their storylines, and the targeted audience's interests. In some cases, comic characters might resonate with additional sub-categories of the Young Adult demographic or even extend their appeal to other age groups, such as teens and adults outside the 20-34 age range.


To address the challenge, I took the following steps:

Research and brainstorming: I conducted thorough research on popular comic characters and catchphrases that resonated with both employers and job seekers. I compiled a list of characters and phrases that would effectively convey the message and appeal to the target audience.

Design concept: I created a design concept that incorporated the pop-culture comic characters with the catchy phrases. The design elements included bright colors and bold typography that complemented the comic characters, while also reflecting the company's brand identity.

Banner creation: I designed a series of Instagram banners featuring various comic characters and catchphrases. The banners were designed in Instagram's size dimensions (1080x1080 pixels) to ensure optimal display on the platform.


The social media banners for were a massive success, as they achieved the following results:

Increased engagement: The banners generated a significant increase in likes, comments, and shares on Instagram, indicating higher engagement with the brand.

Enhanced brand visibility: The comic characters and catchy phrases effectively captured the attention of the target audience, leading to increased brand awareness.

Positive feedback: Both job seekers and employers responded positively to the campaign, praising the creativity and unique approach to recruitment marketing.


The pop-culture comic characters social media banners for were a creative and effective way to increase brand visibility and engagement on Instagram. By incorporating memorable characters and catchy phrases, the campaign resonated with the target audience, leading to increased interaction and brand awareness. This case study demonstrates the power of using unique visual campaigns in social media marketing, particularly in competitive industries like recruitment.

Pop-Culture Comic Characters Social Media Banners

Pop-Culture Comic Characters Social Media Banners