LA Public Market
Lines of Direction
The Market Plaza concept developed from a desire to explore varying surface conditions and their implications to the programming of the market.  With respect to the sloping conditions on the site, the market level aimed to create a series of planes and lines that would create a procession and direction for the visitor as they traversed the market surface. 

Incorporating a long span element into this design the ability for a structural element to conform to varying surfaces became the driving design aesthetic for defining surface patterns and structural depths.  From these intentions, a hybrid system of space framed elements and two way members was implemented beneath the market surface that are in turn supported by five large concrete trusses.  The system broaches the market level at moments to create directional patterns imposed on the surface and also to define spaces for vendors to operate and people to sit or view the surrounding area.  

The desired expression is to create a blending of vertical elements with the long spanning horizontal system in order to display the varying surface conditions imposed by the programmatic elements of the design.