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    Fabric as formwork for gypsum cement, sculpture
Fabric Formed Gypsum
Study in the use of fabric as form-work
Exploring the use of fabric as formwork for gypsum cement, this independent study aimed to create a series of small objects that express the hydrostatic qualities of liquids as they form to nonrigid fabric forms. Utilizing a multitude of rigging techniques, pinches, pulls, folds, twists, and bulges became the typoogical categories for formal moves and desired outcomes.

The process for creation would begin with an initial discussion on desired liquid reactions, move into a sketch phase, and progress into the fabrication process using sewing machines, gromets, and many other techniques associated with sewing. Using a rigging device to apply tension/compression elements to the fabric bodies was the final step for controlling and manipulating the gravitational effects of the infilled cementitous material.