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    For Trohv's holiday 2013 visual push, I designed windows and interior installation pieces reminiscent of huge icicles.
Trohv 2013 Holiday Window Display 
For Trohv's holiday 2013 visual push, I deviated from the store's previous Christmas-centered displays and designed a theme that was holiday-neutral but still reminiscent of the season. I was inspired by oversized stalactite icicles, frost, and snow, and so we filled the window with crepe streamers in tonal blue hues with pops of metallic silver, gray, and lavender. These windows were very successful, and made a huge statement from the street - which is exactly what they were intended to do!
This is the main window of the Baltimore location, where we put rough-cut paper confetti on the floor to simulate a dusting of snow. For merchandising in the window, we chose metal bucket stools to compliment the sleek, modern aesthetic. Uplights in the corners of the window kept the design visible in the evening when the sun started to set earlier. 
This is a secondary window at the Baltimore location. In addition to the stools, we added high-end Kobo candles (a popular product) to hint at keeping warm when the weather gets frosty.
I continued the ice theme in the interior of the Baltimore store by designing large snowball or snowflake sculptures to hang from the ceiling. We had originally planned to hang them in groups over the tables that held holiday merchandise, but during the installation we decided as a team that they looked best grouped as one installation over the cash registers.
My coworker and I made the snowballs from plastic sheeting and metallic silver paint. 
On the second level of the Baltimore store, we continued the visual theme with a small display piece made of the same crepe streamers as the windows. This is located in a "dead zone," where customers are given a kind of visual rest from the heavily merchandised surfaces and display pieces. I had been meaning to put a display piece there for some time, and the holiday visuals gave me the perfect reason to do it! 
A tabletop that I merchandised with a holiday cooking theme in the kitchen department at the Takoma location.
In both locations, we covered the jewelry boxes in white butcher paper, then sprinkled the display boxes with fake snow. We also created smaller versions of the snowballs to fit into the cases, which were perfect when we covered them with colorful necklaces and bracelets.