Tennessee Honey is a whiskey and honey liqueur that is authentically Jack Daniel’s. Created to invite new consumers into the brand, it delivers naturally sweet notes for a taste that’s easy to drink.
Tennessee Honey is Jack Daniel’s first flavored whiskey, crafted from a blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and honey liqueur
Drafting off of the core Jack Daniel’s brand, the label is built around familiar brand elements to communicate product authenticity. New elements connect the brand story to the Tennessee Honey proposition and signal its flavor cues.
The identity system for Tennessee Honey references the core brand expression, but adds iconography and messaging to create a proprietary brand language for the new product. The primary logo and extended visual palette balance Tennessee Honey’s energy, natural ingredients and smooth taste
The brand language extends to applications used to launch the product. Activation examples demonstrate how the brand comes to life on premise and in retail environments. Together, they create an approachable, energetic way to experience the Jack Daniel’s brand.
Tennessee Honey