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    Exhibition album and visual identity materials for renowned artist and photographer, Nicolas Grospierre.
Nicolas Grospierre
Exhibition album and visual identity materials.
Nicolas Grospierre is an award winning and world-renowned artist and photographer. His photographic images and art are socially aware, critical reflections of modernist aesthetics and architecture and are a study in social, political and economic realities.
In preparing his exhibition "The Library", he asked us to design the complete visual content for the event: catalogue, invitation, and poster. Besides documenting the "Library" pieces, the catalogue was also to present a survey of the artist’s work.
Grospierre’s photographs are marked by an economy of both means of expression and color. Despite their pared-down form, they are charged with meaning, inviting contemplation of detail and profound reflection. We decided to go for a highly minimalistic, classic look. The design features only one typeface, Adobe Garamond Pro, and red is the only accent color appearing in the details. This material provided basis for developing a comprehensive visual identity for the artist, reflected in the design of the website and the promotional media for his next exhibition, at Warsaw’s CCA, called "Kunstkamera".
Mamastudio’s design for the exhibition album "The Library", was recognized in the contest for the Most Beautiful Book of the year 2007 by the Polish Book Publishers Association (PTWK)