Post Play on Netflix
Post Play is our experience after playback that takes a user from what they were watching to either the next episode or a suggestion of what to watch next.
This redesign had 2 goals: The first was to create a design that unifies all of our existing post play templates into a consolidated design this is extensible for future testing. The second was to create a design that is inline with our TV redesign, that is seamless and can transition from one state to the next without being abrupt.
John McLord
As far as unifying all of our different Post Play templates these wireframes show grouping the different elements of our Post Play experience. The top left of the screen represents the last thing a member watched, while at the same time funneling members into either watching the next episode of a show or continue on to a suggestion of ours by having focus on the bottom right 2/3's of the screen. I intentionally left the bottom right portion clear for future testing we desire to do with Post Play.
The Design
The final design both provides a consolidation of our Post Play templates and is visually in line with our entire TV UI redesign. It is also compatible (as is the entire TV UI redesign) with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and all streaming boxes and smart TV's. Check out the final designs below! 
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