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Netflix on Xbox One
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Netflix  x  Xbox One
Xbox One is a platform that not only is a powerful gaming system but desires to be the all-in-one gateway for the living room.  It wants you to watch TV, play games, video conference, stream music and so much more - all through your Xbox One.  Not only this, there are three different ways to control this experience.  There is the good old game controller but also the much improved Kinect that allows you to interact by using your voice or gestures.
In partnership with Microsoft we focused on creating an experience that both embraced the Xbox One design guidelines while also staying true to our Netflix roots.
We called this project Halo.
The Design
Halo was all about finding the sweet spot.  Xbox One had a clear point-of-view on what design patterns would work best on their platform and with years of data that shapes Netflix, we also knew what patterns allowed us to reach our business goals through design.
It was important for us to be as cinematic as possible within the guidelines of Xbox One.  And one key aspect was to work in close relationship with our design partners at Microsoft to get there.  The best expression of this is seen on the detail pages and in post-play.  The home page and search continue to excel in efficiency and displaying the breadth of the Netflix catalogue.
We hope that Xbox One will do well in the marketplace and that we continue to delight our customers on that platform.  We are eager to make improvements but more importantly to elevate how our customers are entertained whenever they launch Netflix.
first time use case with nothing added to My List
normal landing experience
end of the list, showing the front of the list wrapping
voice support
gallery landing
end of gallery showing the front of the gallery wrapping 
show display page
more episodes selected
season selector 
voice support
Post Play
post play for next episode
suggestions after finishing a movie or the last episode of a show
originals post play promotion
profile selection
3 profiles set up 
search landing
focus brought to title results
down focus
title focus on person
unconnected view shows what's popular on facebood with the large tile as the call to action
once connected you can see what your friends have been watching
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Netflix on Xbox One
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