2much work got STOLEN..
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    stolen work!
in 2009 i had the possibility to present some of my artwork in the bodyart store in st.tropez france. everything looked fine for me so far. the store was located in a very prominent street (next to the louis vuitton -, in front of the dolce&gabbana store), we had a deal signed on paper and even for the 1st 2 pieces he sold i got the money..

closing in the end of the season i got a mail, that the store will be back 2 business at the beginning of the next season. so i was waiting for some news in the beginning of summer 2010. nothing happend. when i tried to call, the number didn't exist anymore, the store was closed and the website was gone.. 

here are 4 of about 20 red balls...
and here an example of the skull-like balls..
this are pictures made at the day i made the deal with the shop... =(
i hope at least that the pieces found a nice place to be...