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    Catalog for Peak Performance – fall/winter 2013.
Catalogue Fall/Winter 2013
Peak Performance.
Our collaboration with Peak Performance first started out in spring 2012. Since then we have had a tight collaboration across many interesting and inspiring projects – one of them is the 2013 fall/winter catalogue.
Peak Performance is a Swedish sportsbrand that with constant energy and a high pace offers both active and casual collections 4 times a year in approximately 20 markets. Since the start in Åre in 1986, skiwear has always been their core business, and it still is, only now the collections are wider and bigger covering several other outdoor sports such as golf, hiking, climbing, and running, etc. as well.
Our collaboration with Peak Performance started out in spring 2012 and since then there have been several projects – one of them the 2013 fall/winter catalouges.