The main design challenge was to give the visitor an interesting taste of the company and then letting them go to experience the rest of the website.

The many services that Cube provides were split into distinct categories and provided with unique animated pieces.

Digital Strategy.

Concept: taking you on a winding path to the goals you want to achieve.
Design: 2 balls roll around a track, each ball has a “heart”.


Concept: Individual nodes interact with each other like data and software working together. Only when these all flow naturally you will receive peace and stability.

Design: Solid blocks “dance” together. These blocks are encased in glass panels, reminiscent of server-rooms.

Digital Design.

Concept: Creativity and different concepts flow through the “pipeline” of the design team, bound by borders but within those borders anything is possible.

Design: A glass tube contains energetic shapes who flow to the top. These balls consist of different materials which represent each unique idea.

Digital marketing & Optimization

Concept: We create an ever-evolving cutting edge marketing strategy after we finish your website or app.

Design: A crystal structure continually is created which grows and creates new points and shapes. As crystals grow in nature, we felt this was a fascinating concept to incorporate into our design.

Service and Management.

Concept: Good service means a solid base which helps you in your turbulent life, after which you can continue achieving your goals.

Design. A flowing shape interacts with strong glass blocks. The movement representing chaos and the blocks representing confidence and dependability


3D Design for Artistic interpretation of the many services Cube provides.