What is the color of family, of productivity and of fun?
Together with Studio Hands we developed the style for INNR's new website.
When we turn on a light we set the scene for the next couple of hours. INNR makes sure that it’s fun and easy.
​​​​​​​Their smart lights can go from intense blues to warm yellows and everything in between. Studio Hands asked us to visualize how powerful light can be and how in control you are while using INNR smart lights.
The 4 categories each have their own scene, colors and animation which work together to guide the visitor through the website.
We went with a photo-realistic yet fantastical approach in this project, using bright and deep colors to accentuate the effects of the lights in our scenes.
​​​​​​​Through a process of discovery, refinement and elimination we came to very clean scenes with just enough abstract elements to distinguish INNR’s style from the rest of the energetic smart light companies.
We use realistic rendering techniques to remove a layer of abstraction between the product and the viewer, it’s almost real, yet impossible to recreate in real life. This style lends itself well to online publications as well as social media and animation. 
Made in collaboration with Studio Hands



Light and Color