The Center for Family History

The Center for Family History (Центр Семейной Истории) in Tula is the first museum that seeks to inspire visitors to explore their own family history. The museum aims to improve the cultural landscape of Tula and to become one of the major spots for family archives research. The idea behind The Center for Family History is that every family’s history is crucial and that attention to our past helps to secure the link between generations.

Retro photo albums became the primary visual metaphor for the museum’s graphic identity. For graphic elements, we took inspiration from the most recognizable features of such albums: corners that hold photos in place, different shapes of cut-out photos, and hand-written texts. Tiny imperfections like these are the most valuable because they tell us stories.

Font​​​​​​​s: Mabry Pro, Freaky Prickle
Client: ЦСИ
Year: 2020​​​​ – 2021
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The Center for Family History