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    A series of horror film idents showing off the reliability of the new Honda range.
Honda - Horror Idents
Show off the reliability of the new Honda range in a series of idents for horror films.
Using the cliches of horror films we'd build audience expectations, putting a twist on things when a Honda saves the day and leaves the murderer bitterly dissapointed.
Horror cliche 1: People are being chased through the woods. Usually they get to their car but it wont start and the crazy axe wielding, chainsaw toting or  trigger happy murderer catches them.
With a Honda, they just drive off.
Horror cliche 2: Phones never work. Signal is usually pretty bad in the middle of nowhere and/or they could be out of battery (horror film victims never have the presence of mind to charge their phones before wandering off alone).
With a Honda, the in car phone works perfectly and they just call for help.