‘Explore Without Boundaries’ is a series hosted by Samuel Ross, founder of A-COLD-WALL*, that goes deep within Nike Design Exploration to learn about the role of experimentation. NDE is about exploring the notion of true creativity, venturing into the unknown, and pushing design beyond what is currently established.

In a time of disconnection, we wanted to go beyond the usual Zoom conversation by integrating experimental motion graphics with unfiltered and authentic conversations by Nike’s leading designers about the future of design, collaboration, and experimentation.

In the first episode of the new series ‘Explore Without Boundaries’, host Samuel Ross examines what it means to be unafraid to fail.

Ross, the creator of fashion house A-COLD-WALL*, is joined by iconic Nike designer Wilson Smith and current ISPA vanguards Niek Pulles and Shamees Aden for a frank and illuminating conversation on the nature of exploration, and why sometimes failure can lead to greater successes.

Error doesn’t really exist; it’s an essential part of the process of what we do as designers.
—Samuel Ross

The second episode of ‘Explore Without Boundaries’ delves deep into the science of design. Host Samuel Ross welcomes Shamees Aden and Caroline Fullerton of ISPA and Caroline Till, cofounder of FranklinTill.

They discuss biocentric design and how to work within that natural system. The Nike Sport Research Lab strives to be on the cutting edge of this science, so in the second half of the video, Ross is joined by Joanie Larose and Jacob Arnold from the NSRL team to find out more about their processes and what they’re bringing to life in their new collection.

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Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Creative Director: Aimee Hoffman, Edit and Motion: Diego Funken, Designer: Andreas Pranoto, Producer: Nick Roldan

Host: Samuel Ross Featuring: Shamees Aden, Niek Pulles, Wilson Smith, Caroline Fullerton, Caroline Till, Joanie Larose, Jacob Arnold

Nike: Jake Gevalt, Tyler Banway, Matt Hannigan, Jay Paavonpera, Miko Cowan, Michael Orenstien, Michael Taylor, Anna Mikula

Nike NDE Explore Without Boundaries