Picsart Rebrand

Beyond democratizing creativity, Picsart is defining visual culture. With 150 million active monthly users across the globe, it is reimagining a generation’s relationship with design and how their creativity is expressed.

With the help of the Picsart creative team we created a new visual system that retains the spirit of the company, while introducing a more systemic and elevated visual toolkit. Our research and strategy informed the extent of this work to ensure a cohesive brand language expressed through, voice, design, motion and photography.

In a fast-paced world, Picsart provides relevancy and immediacy for creative expression, and this work aims to capture this sentiment.

Credits ↓

Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Creative Director: Aimee Hoffman, Jules Tardy, Producer: Scott Lahn, Strategy: Bronwyn Hunt, Motion: Pretty Nice Studio, Mikey Kelly, Design: Maria Vaquero, Andreas Pranoto, Elena Miska

Photographer: Jacq Harriet, Line Producer: Rhys Raiskin, Production Assistant: Derek Viveiros, Sam DelFavero, Location Rep: Kristen Kay, Photo Assist: Brian Kendall, Louis Trinh, Digi Tech: George Brooks

Wardrobe Stylist: Tess Hebert, Wardrobe Assist: Jade Forrest, MUA: Sandy Ganzer, MUA Assist: Christopher Finley, Hair Stylist: Malcolm Marquez, Hair Assist: Annie Wyric, Manicurist: Juan Alvear, Prop Stylist: Kaitlyn Darby, Set Dresser: Montana Bertoletti, Se Young Au, Talent: Madge Leavy, Cam Reid, Willy Choi, Vivica Dehi

 Director of Brand Creative: Shachar Aylon, COO + CMO: Tammy Nam, Art Director: Kevin Peth, VP Growth Marketing: Jeff Roberto

Picsart Rebrand