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    A script font by Stephen Rapp showing some of the working process.
Baghadeer, from the hand of Stephen Rapp, is an upright connecting script brimming with personality. With its exuberant capitals, dashing crossover strokes, and rhythmic pulse; it retains the active spirit most associated with slanted scripts, but with the grounded presence of an upright.
Baghadeer contains 780 glyphs featuring a plethora of swashes, ligatures, and alternate letters to individualize the look of your project. There is also a set of small caps and ornamental flourishes to add some finishing touches. It contains feature programming to make typesetting seamless and has all the language coverage you'd expect in a pro font.
Some early sketches. Most of my type designs are created from calligraphic written text. In this case I chose to just do rough sketches and and go straight into it from there.
The sample above shows letters layered in Photoshop in various phases of development.
The above Syrah sample is an Illustrator image designed my my talented friend Charles Borges de Oliveira.
Above is a screenshot showing a section of the font window in FontLab Studio. Colored cells are just a way of referencing certain glyphs that I'm doing something with. In this case I was adding various language specific diacritics to versions of the selected glyphs.
Another sample of Baghadeer designed by Charles Borges de Oliveira.
A sample designed by Debi Sementelli.