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    The Expressive Brush is a 2 day workshop being held this October.
This is an updated page to promote my Expressive Brush workshop. In this next upcoming version we will be in Louisville, KY at Lettersong Studio. See the workshop detail image at top for times and contact information. 
Most of the images shown in this are just random bits of practice lettering from a sketchbook or various scraps of paper using either marker brushes or the Pentel Colorbrush. One image shows an upright style that I specifically developed for this workshop. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in attending or want to sponsor a workshop in your area.
Below are sketchbook images of practice with mostly the Pentel Colorbrush.
Pitt Big Brush marker testing.
Graphic 3000 marker brush on photo paper. It was a little too wet causing a drop below the first s.
"whiskey" was created with a red Pentel Colorbrush and a light gray Pitt brush for shading.
Personal quote designed with a Pentel Colorbrush and later vectorized.
One of the methods for brush lettering for reproduction that we will go over in the workshop.