It has been a pleasure to work again with an incredible group of artists, with whom we share a beautiful relationship. We conceptualized, designed and directed a series of ads that showcase a journey through the latest range of design on this credit card. Our goal was to create a visual graphic language that looks like it was generated in 3D, highlighting gold as the main object.

Client: Indian Outsourcing Vendor Studio

Directed by: LOVO VFX

H O W  W E  M A D E  I T

We planned each sequence of each scene according to a timeline in four different situations. This allowed us to solve the animation layout plans.


The most important thing about this project was the wonderful team of artists that were involved. The great talent is matched only by the heart of each one of them. This project brought us many learnings, both as a company and as human beings. We are grateful for the incredible team that developed this project.

Illustration Artist: Luis Donoso  (HUESOS NEGROS)

Animation Artist: Jairo Cuadrado
Animation Artist: Mario Rodriguez (CASPER)

Illumination Artist: Luis Simanca
Illumination Artist: Ripper Crish
Illumination Artist:  Juan Francisco Lopez​​​​​​​

C L O S E D  P I C S

For the material libraries we used Substance SBSAR assets and did some rendering and lighting tests.

T H A N K S  F O R  Y O U R  T I M E