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Wedding Party Game for Taç

We worked with Propaganda Advertising Agency on this project.
Client is Taç.
Taç is the most popular home textile brand at Turkey.
This campaign's purpose was to rise brand awareness amongst younger generations using Facebook and social media. 
Taç Düğün Salonu is a wedding reception simulator. With this Facebook app users proposed, planned the reception and had fun at their virtual wedding. 
Chracters of the wedding party
We developed an animation editor to create predefined animations in application.
Taç Düğün Animation Editor
First, users had to select a friend to propose to.
Select a friend to propose to
Gokhan proposed to you, do you accept?
Then, you can have fun at your wedding
Some scenes
Do you agree to marry her?
Traditional jewellery pinning ritual
Thanks Emre for the brilliant characters.
Some characters - exact size
Flow, interactions and graphic elements on wireframes
Users also entered a competition and prizes were given.
Wedding Party Game for Taç

Wedding Party Game for Taç

Taç düğün salonu is a wedding party simulator, this facebook app is created for a textile company during wedding season.


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