Art is not Superfluous, it is Life

Art is not superfluous it is life
The first artifacts that can be considered arts appeared since the Stone Age. The history of art is confused with the history of humanity.The creative process takes place from perception, in order to express emotions, ideas, in addition to reflecting a historical moment, a culture, connecting the individual to his internal world, the current society and its history. It is carried out through a variety of languages, such as architecture, drawing, sculpture, theater, cinema, photography ...

Art produces new ways of thinking about life, of transforming reality, of elaborating meanings, allowing to support and survive conflicts. Thus, in social isolation, during the COVID 19 pandemic, it contributed to a better emotional and spiritual state, helping to combat feelings of anxiety and depression.

Paradoxically, the importance of art in people's lives, many artists are suffering from the lack of support and incentives. Europe's cultural and creative sector has been hit more by the coronavirus crisis than any other sector except aviation, according to a study that calls for large public and private investments to avoid possibly irreparable damage in the long run. And unfortunately that’s what’s happening all over the world

 Thus, Art is not Superfluous, it is Essential, it is Life, and the artist needs support and appreciation to survive through it. 

              "Every work of art is a child of its time and often the mother of our feelings"                                              Wassily Kandinsky (Do spiritual in art 1912)

Organization, invitations and curatorship: Douglas Evangelista and Tatiana Moura
Title : Without Art .......
I wanted to express how much I love art and not only how it affects us cognitively and emotionally but also how it affects our surroundings; there is nearly nothing that isn't affected by art and imagination! The danger is if artists aren't supported financially and through our appreciation during the pandemic, our world will be a lot less colourful and silent afterwards and there will be no way of returning it to what it once was! Life will be without meaning and depth!
Artist: Vanessa Wenwieser
"Now that fear and dread have spread their black wings over us, art is what can dispel the darkness and doom the path that will lead us to a new bright world. Art opens a door to us, behind which good, beauty, hymanitarianism and love are hidden. The door to the world of values without which we will not be able to deal with the Co-Vid19 pandemic. By supporting art now, we are fighting the effects of the pandemic, which may make the world dark in the future and we will not be able to live in it"

Artist​​​​​​​: Bogdan Wziątek -  University of Warmia and Mazury
Hope - Size A3 - Media: Watercolor on Paper - 2021

"The Artwork titled "Hope" is created on a positive thought. Art is a part of life."

Artist: Helena Layzu
"The future of the planet is CHILDREN! In the New Year, I want to make a new book for children!"

Artist: Olga Pavlova
Art is everywhere, even under a viaduct

"Whether they are painters, actors, singers, comedians, acrobats in circuses or any art, artists are part of our lives.Men and women, known or unknown, they amaze us with their talent.I was walking under the viaduct of an expressway in Montreal when I saw these drawings stuck on a concrete pillar.That day, an unknown artist made my day."

Artist: Sylvie D.
Artist: Rita Faletti
"3000 Mile Monarch Migration"

Artist: Sandra Rust
 "And maybe beauty will be our extreme saviour"

Artist​​​​​​​: Paola Bottoni 

"Art is not welcomed
Art is not equal
Art is not praised
Art is not welcomed 
Art is not worthy
..................... on this hypocrite planet” 

Artist: Seyfeddin Erisen
"Art is my life passion, my happiness, my journey. Everyday I am driven to create, to express the way I see the world and every aspect of humanity. My art reflects back to others my message of peace, love, beauty or discord. It offers a deeper understanding of the power of emotions and self-awareness. 
  My drawing "On the Brink of Revolution" expresses my fear, worry and confusion about the recent domestic attack on the US Capitol, coupled with the growing surge of the pandemic in America."

Artist: Patricia Concha
"Art is important and belong to people’s background.
Art is a way of communication to the population.  
Art is all over the world and in every religion represented.
Let’s continue with showing art."

Artist: Mark Mertens
Mirror of Our Technological Self

"Technology is a seductive scientific revolution of our modern era yet it must be spread sensibly at the grass-root level. It must not be misused for destructive purposes. The artist feels art is a powerful tool to express emotions and evoke protests in support of any discrimination in society."

Artist: Chandrasen M. Salvi
Artist: Mouhcine Laghzal
Room of art

"Art is necessary! Without art the life on Earth would be sad and boring. Art is fantasy and fantasy is the art of seeing things that don't exist - not yet. People need creative art. We can learn from it, we can talk about it, we can enjoy it, we can be inspired by it and see new opportunities. This picture is a part of the hall at the local children's theatre"

Artist: Jan Eriksen
Artist: Beyhan Sareyyüpoğlu
"Art and Creating...Embracing the landscape of the Heart"

Artist: DigitalArtist John
Art is Life - Gail is gifted with many positive attributes from great hair to teaching French to kids. Always ready to engage any challenge you place in front of her.
Artist: Visionsmerge USA
"Sophia Loren (in the film El Hombre De La Mancha (Man Of La Mancha) 1972) against the background of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (En été - La bohémienne 1868). In one painting, I have captured two fields of art from two centuries. Various, although very close to each other. Nowadays, painting and film complement each other. It is difficult to imagine life without them. In fact, I wanted to show that art has no limits to creating and knowing. Art is immortality."

Artist:  Zbigniew Wolowiec​​​​​​​

Artist: Mário Carestiato
 “Art is when you allow your imagination to tell you what you see”   Rafn Sig,-
Artist:  Rafn Sigurbjornsson
Culture is “a right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and emphasizes the need to protect, promote and promote it. It also calls for legislative initiatives, starting with an old demand of the sector: the need for a "law of patronage, sponsorship and social participation" that serves as a stimulus for "the participation of individuals and legal entities in the financing of culture .

Unitary manifesto. Associations Culture of Catalonia

Artist:  Rossend Gri i Casas

You know, I really like snakes. Because I was born in the year of the snake. My name is Betti, my age is 20. Everyone thinks that I am calm nature. But in fact it is simply a shadow character. I will speak very little about my beloved Michael. I married him just for the sake of playing. He believed me as a child. He knew that I loved him madly. My strong friendship with snakes dates back to the years of marriage. Since then, I have been able to identify the weak points of the person I want and pin it on. At this time, my victim is so weakened that in the worst case, there is no other choice but to be friends with me. Because he understands perfectly well that I know everything about him. Now you know why they love us so much. Because when we starve, the poison they get is much sweeter than honey. Today I will drink Jack Daniels in honor of Michael. Because, as promised many years ago, he transferred all his assets in my name.

Artist:  Yunis Vieliamin

The title of my work is O Encontro. The theme addressed is loneliness, not meaning the state of loneliness in the negative aspect associated with suffering, but rather purposeful isolation, an encounter with oneself, a moment of reflection and interiorization. This condition is expressed through a female figure and a set of colors. Cold colors like blue, purple and green, symbolizing tranquility, peace, spirituality and harmony; merging with warm colors like pink and red representing vitality and joy. Acrylic paint on canvas and digital techniques were used. An atmosphere of dreams was created, through the watercolor effect and mixture of colors. The facial expression is highlighted. The countenance represents well the connection of love, the calm, the silence and the colors of life.

Artist:  Tatiana Moura da Costa e Silva

"Exercises for sleeping", 01 (Amparo) is a graphic interpretation from "all strange away", S. Beckett.
Art appears not as an exclusive barrier but as an horizon. As it has always been for humanity, we'll ever have the need of creating, and this creation involves telling a truthful story, stating new links, an urgence to break down borders. We've come to unite across distances in 2020, where the experience of our place and time got us in the very perspective of a most feared/awaited struggle, and I think of the absence the body has become since its earlier representations. Also, the question of what we call "a home" and belonging as complex question becomes more actual.

Artist: ​​​​​​​MÓNICA A. QUIJANO
it’s just called “the Black-Eyed Susan”
description: This is one of my favorite flowers.

Carolyn Sehgal

Artist:Carolyn Sehgal​​​​​​​
 Nature is art...could you live without nature? 

Artist:Bettina Güber​​​​​​​

Here is my interpretation of Art is life. 
It is a piece of once soul one's precious time away from loved ones. It is important to work
in that, it must formulate in this fashion.
 We expose ourselves to critics to nonbelievers to people who only look for those who have titles in order to do well with art. This is unfair and unkind. It is my wish to be heard as all artists do.  To be able to create and use the talents given to live freely amongst the world.

Artist: Lizy J Campbell
Artist: Nick John
Art is freedom

´´Art metamorphoses all the time, especially in this pandemic it acquired a meaning of freedom as a form of expression, either personally or as an instrument of social denunciation, it is a reflection of today's society and its importance is transversal, it welcomes all of us horizontally regardless of our social status and personal history. It is life itself, it is an out-of-body companion that adheres to us in different ways´´.

Artist: Claudia Gorena
Head (2012)

  Art as a human expression reassures us, makes us see another reality, frees us. The human being with art goes further.

Artist:Alexandre Beltran de Souza​​​​​​​

Artist: Janna Karapetyan
Art is inserted in all veins of society, in printed, visual media, art galleries, walls, walls, art is life. On the wall above: Ayrton Senna da Silva - Great Brazilian driver and inspiration for Lewis Hamilton

Artist : Douglas Evangelista

“The empty-handed artist”.
As lock-down’s around the world continue, people spent money for everything except art.
A visit to the local painter or photographer is not done.
As our income dwindles we cannot invest, because the little amount we earn we have to spend on food.
As support from our governments across the globe vary, in general we are victims, but ART(its) will survive.
ART is the essence of human life, because we are a creative specie.
Artist: Peter Sauermann
Art, expression and beauty of our soul.
Artist: Monique Ilsink
Art is not Superfluous, it is Life


Art is not Superfluous, it is Life