Art Against Covid-19
We are Brazilian artists, we are living in difficult times just like everyone else in the world, with a lot of sadness and perplexity never imagined in other times. So we decided to create a collective project "Art Against Covid 19"

Art one is a form of expression and reflection. In this way, this work aims to connect art to this moment of history so important and sad at the same time.

The "Art against Covid 19" project is a work made up of photographers, illustrators, designers, artists from various countries. The main idea is to honor professionals who are working in the pandemic, as well as to show how humanity is overcoming this period.
We thank all the artists who agreed to participate and in this way collaborate with this collective work.

Creation, management and curation: Douglas Evangelista

Communication, selection of artists and curatorship: Tatiana Costa e Silva.
Title: Anyway herewith
Author: Annette Emannuel
Country: Australia
Title: Poetry and Painting.
Before the pandemic began, in the age of consumption frenzy, I would be upset that many people could not understand how they consumed nature and emotions so much. Coronavirus began. It has taken so many lives in different countries, it continues to take. We are very sad. The only thing we'll look positive about while we're feeling grief is that coronavirus, like the meaning of its name, can crown the universe. I hope that after the corona, activities like "loving nature too much" and "helping" becomes dominant. I think art is a great friend for that. Don't lose your joy and hope for immunity!

Author: Beyhan Sareyyüpoğlu

Country: Turkey

Title: Choice

Disasters like the epidemic release the demon that is within us. He wants to push us into the abyss of fear, enslavement and loneliness. We can follow him. But we can also choose a different path. If we direct our thoughts to what is good and beautiful in us, we will be free from it. It will only be bad dream The choice of path depends on us and only we can make it. Each of us can find strength and light in our soul. Become better. Help those who are nearby and those who need it. Everything depends on us. May there be light in your soul and be filled with good and meaning every day.
Author: Bogdan Wziątek and Daryna Bakaieva
Model: Daryna Bakaieva Odessa - Ukraine
Country University of Warmia and Mazury Olsztyn - Poland
Title: Misinformation kills too

The covid - 19 brings with it a latent danger the 'FAKE NEWS'' we must be very careful about the information to which we access, It is our responsibility to look for reliable sources and not be part of the problem because it distorts all research work and can put us at serious risk to our health, taking care of us is everyone’s responsibility.

Author: Claudia Gorena
Country: Bolivia
Title: The Rainbow

This is one of my favorite songs, going all the way back to my childhood when I would have my Father play the record over and over again.  When I think of the world today and how so many people are coming together to help each other out, it is that hope that keeps me going.  To all Essential workers from doctors and nurses,  to sanitation workers, and grocery store workers; Please know we all appreciate you and value you.  Stay safe and Healthy.

Author: Carolyn Sehgal
Country:  United States

This is photography from the Mariinsky Park in Kiev.

Author: Dmitriy Krasiuk
Country: Ukraine
Title: Do not Cry
Author: Douglas Evangelista 
Country: Brazil
Title: Sultan-The master

The painting is a portrait of master artist SM Sultan. SM Sultan was born in Machimdi village in Jossore district in 10 August 1923 in a poor family, his father was a mason. He straggled a lot and become a great artist. His life resembles a huge shelf from one point sand. My artwork is composed of innumerable points commemorating the Sultan in all the struggles from the beginning to the end of his artistic life. Every point of the artwork is a symbol of Sultan’s struggle.
On the other hand, every point of this work of art seems to be meant for those great people who are working day and night at the risk of their lives for the people affected by COVID-19.

Author: Helena Layzu
Country: Bangladesh
Title: The end of winter.

The little snowdrops grow from the ground when it's still winter - no matter if the ground is frozen or covered by snow. The snowdrops are tough flowers. They bloom to tell us the light is back and the spring is just around the corner. When I see the first snowdrops in my garden I know the winter soon will end :-)

Author: Jan Eriksen
Country: Denmark
Title: Heroes

I Knew this vírus was bad when I first heard about it in China. I didn´t think it would turn the world upside down like nothing  I´ve seen before. I thank all the people on the front line of this pandemic. These people who are supplying the nest of us food. The grocery store employees who never would have expected their Jobs would be so important. The truck drivers who bring all the rest of us everything our food, medicine, and all the essentials people  need to  live. And most of all dedicated medical professionals who are fighting the battle directly on the front line. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Strong characters and dedication to help. Bless you, you are all heroes.

Author: Karen Stellmach 
Country: United States
Title: Message of Love

A message of love, brought in by the tide. The roses signify blessings of gratitude for all that stand and support humankind during this world wide disturbance. The water represents life. May you all be blessed and filled with love. May the tide touch your soul, move you and wash away all fears.

Author: Lisa Muro
Country: United States
Author: Manicka Vel
Country: India
Title: Claustrophobia 9

An artistic vision of the feelings of confinement and impotence in the face of COVID-19 ...
The will to be free and the resilience in favor of the collective good ...
Tribute to the conscious individual who, just staying at home, does his small / large part.

Author: Mário Carestiano
Country: Brazil
Title: Saints who make sacrifices

This work dedicated for all the medical staffs or law-enforcement who sacrifice there lives, to keep everyone safe. The world is at a major public health crisis, due this virus who spread and hit every place in the globe, but this, will not stay for long, because there is a fighters who stand against this pandemic, hard work pays off. So in this collage work, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all these workers who deny themselves and to serve humanity.
Thank you for Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve my deepest admiration.
Your service to patients is saving lives and making thousands of differences.

Author: Mouhcine Laghzal
Country: Morocco
Title: The candles burn to give us the light!

Doctors, nurses...  Give their life to save lives, so I, compare them with a burning candle! I hope you will like it!
Stay safe!
Best regards!

Author: Nick John
Country: Sweden
In Iceland, we put teddy bear in our windows to show solidarity with those who are helping us in the fight with Covid-19.

Even a small window with a small teddy bear is big.

Author: Rafn Sigurbjörnsson
Country: Iceland
His piece is about being asked or told to stay home, to not go certain places, and to maintain safe distance from other people when we have to be out in public.  However, the healthcare professionals - doctors, nurses, Pa’s, EMT’s, all the first responders, are right where we don’t want to be, doing what we don’t want to or wouldn’t do!  They are there for all of us and we need to be there for them now and when this crisis has passed.

Author: Randy J. Lagana
Country: United States
Title: The beauty of the human form.

The artisan in the frame is Rena. She is a gifted dancer, yogi, aerialist, and small business owner. She is also a recruiter focused on staffing short and long term medical facilities.

Author: Rfuphoto
Country: United States
Title: Grácies Sanitaris
Thanks Health Heroes

Author: Rossend Gri i Casas
Title: Food

Author: Sergio Decimo
Country: Italy
Title: Find your own world

The time of ours doesnt seem to give us many chances. It is chaotic phase of humankind
Yet artists can change the world.

Author: Seyfeddin Erisen
Country: Turkey
Title: Tulips of Hope

In Quebec, the doctors and nurses who take care of sick people from Covid-19, we call them our Guardian Angels. I dedicate my photo to all Guardian Angels Around The World. Thank You To All Of You !!

Author: Sylvie D.
Country: Canada
Title: Saving the "Earth"

Many months ago, many did not even imagine what was to come. "She" arrived and changed everything. He turned the planet upside down. Many are at home, but right now we have health professionals donating wildly to save lives. Biologists, infectologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists ... wasting days and nights in search of a cure. Journalists working non-stop, to give us news. Cleaning, security professionals, postmen, couriers, among many others, maintaining essential services. All risking their lives, so that together we can save our planet Earth.

Author: Tatiana Moura da Costa e Silva
Country: Brazil
Title: Garden of earthly delights

There is a line from a Leonard Cohen song called Anthem: "there is a crack, a crack in everything that's how the light gets in."
In these dark days there are so many cracks and we need so much light, COVID-19 has shown us that everything is connected to everything else,
we are connected to nature and to each other and how we care for each other,
there is a crack in the broken world we lived in and a light shines now on how we can live in a better world.

Author: Vanessa Wenwieser
Country: Germany
Title: The innocence of freedom

To stay in quarantine has taught us how to learn to consider ourselves free in elementary living conditions. Thank you to stay at home.

Author: Vania Boccadoro
Title: Masks

It's my little contribution to conveying a great deal of respect for the Medical Services around the world. Unfortunately, despite this widespread admiration, medical workers, doctors, rescuers, nurses and a whole host of related services are increasingly faced with ostracism, hatred and aggression. Doctors' children are thrown out of crèches, shops refuse to serve them, and them neighbours become harassed. All out of fear of being infected. This is unacceptable and very dangerous. Maybe my illustration is a little bit exaggerated but it was deliberate. The work is called "The Masks". Masks are not only face protection, they are also faces.
Special thanks to Luke Jones from UNSPLASH and Denner Nunes from PEXELS. Their photographs served me partly as reference images for this illustration.

Author: Zbigniew Wolowiec
Art Against Covid-19

Art Against Covid-19