adero is being created to autonomously deliver a broad range of goods in indoor environments, combining state of the art technology with a simple, yet appealing design.

This project is a ETH Student Focus Project in collaboration with the University of Arts in Zürich (ZHdK). Our title sponsor Jelmoli, Switzerland’s leading premium department store, wanted a functional robot prototype to roll out in 2020 for the Zurich Airport. It should deliver goods ordered in the online store to predefined pick-up points across the airport, providing a unique customer experience.

adero actively interacts with its surroundings and aims to build relationships with the people it encounters on its way. It gains the audiences’ attention using sound as well as light and transmits its current condition by the same means. As adero arrives at its destination, it will display its trustworthy and friendly character, enabling a novel, yet intuitive interaction experience.
Team: Mirco Grob, Marcial Koch, Seth Weber, Kiran Doshi, Franziska Eckert, Kira Erb, Lucien Erdin, Philipp Honegger, Frederic Letsch, Grzegorz Malczyk, Nico Schulthess, Andri Simeon, Andreas Voigt
Visit our Website: adero.ethz.ch
Field Research
Prototyping - Quick and Dirty
Which height fits the best? What is peoples first response to the idea? What are hidden details to look out for later on in the process? Should it talk back? What if it has a face? How do people interact without introduction and explanation? How to children and animals react to it? What would they order? ...
Design Concept - Shaping the Form
adero’s appearance incorporates pleasant and simple shapes, giving it an attentive and trustworthy demeanour. It blends into public and busy environments, while still drawing attention to itself.
Prototyping - Light Design
Prototyping - Lid opening Mechanism
Prototyping - Experimental Ideation