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    A commissioned work to place doodles on a skateboard.
C   O   M   M   I   S   S   I   O   N   E   D     W   O   R   K
I was commissioned to put my doodles on a brand new board to be
given as a present for her boyfriend's 21st Birthday. I've always wanted to
try new things with my style and I gotta say, it was a really good experience.
The only requirement was to place "Happy 21st Wilmer" as a typography
around 1/4 of the size of the board's bottom surface.
The working time was really short. Just 3 days but thankfully, it will only
be used as a display meaning I no longer have to apply any clear coat
or varnish to protect it from being smudged or damaged.

I used Faber Castell Multimark with different thickness for the black lines
and fills and used Zig white brush paint marker for the white highlights.
For commissions, email me your project proposal at lei.melendres@gmail.com
Brand new skateboard without the wheels purchased by client from eBay.
Started by layouting the typography in the middle by pencil.
After doing a really rough sketch of the design. I did the first pass of fine lines.
As usual, things didn't go exactly as planned but these were still part of the plan. The monster with a hoodie became a female monster skater because I think her pose was a bit femenine.
After finishing the surrounding elements, I finally completed the outline of the typography.
I erased the pencil markings and here's the first overall look.
I then started to make the outer lines of some of the elements thicker to improve depth and to make them pop out. This helps in separating the elements from each other. Aside from that, wrong outlines from the first pass were corrected through this process.
Continued the top part. I decided to add a robot. Also, I treated the pipes as bodies by putting two dragon heads on each end. Some of it were still just pipes though.
Continued thickening the lines.
I was asked to place a VOLCOM logo somewhere and I think this multi-faced wolfman's shirt would be perfect.
Top part preview. Did some black fills on some small parts too.
Bottom part preview. Added more details on some of the robots.
2nd overall preview.
Started testing some additional details.
I also cleaned the typography's thick lines.
After placing more details and more fills, here's the 3rd overall look.
Oh and there's the VOLCOM logo.
Still haven't decided what to do with the pipes so I started cleaning some of the fills for now.
Jut another closer look.
So far so good, 4th overall look.
You might notice that the design is almost finished now. I just did the stage where I put up patterns on spaces and added more details. Also did the highlights with the white marker.
Just more details here.
I place shadings on som of the elements.
Gotta say, finalizing the design was difficult since I was also doing my best in preventing myself from damaging the finished outlines but, it was really fun and exciting.
Here's what I came up with after 3days of working time. Honestly, I'm not yet very satisfied with the final output. Looking at it now, I would have added more details.