Monster Battle Royale
Monster Battle Royale is an artwork I made to portray my constant battle
with coming up with new monsters. The concept came from a dream I
had before during my really stressful week of reaching deadlines. The
scene was me in the middle of a hoard of monsters (probably from playing
too much zombie games) and fighting for my life without any armor or
equipment. That is why I am naked in this illustration.

Sometimes, I tend to unconsiously draw the monsters I've seen from
someone else's work and I honestly hate it when it happens.
Anyway, here's how I did the work.
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Placed a circle in the middle first and began doing the monster sketches. You will notice that I started doing them by drawing different sizes of circles first before adding the head, and limbs, etc.
Here's a close up. Don't know the name of the paper but the texture is perfect for both pencil and eraser.
Surprisingly, it's really good with ink too but we'll get to that. :)
I then started drawing the monsters from outside the circle.
Close up of the center piece.
Full shot of the sketch, now time to ink!.
Started inking the work. The reflective surface is a protective plastic container I use to protect my WIPs from smudges and dirt.
Finished the circle.
Finished the first pass of outlines.
Full shot of the finished outline,
I then began thickening the outlines to separate the monsters from each other.
Half done. So happy with the outcome so far. 
Close up shot. Notice that I couldn't help myself from doing the details already.
Successful in keeping the lines clean.
Checked out the lines closely and I noticed that I messed up some linework and shading
but thankfully, it's still nothing I can't fix.
Done with thickening of outlines.
Added black stuff. It's supposed to portray the blood of the monsters which is basically black ink.
Started doing black shadings and detailing as well.
I now have black hair. The artwork is slowly showing more details.
Enjoyed putting more details so much I actually skipped some meals without me noticing it. 
Close up of the fighting for life scene.
Transferred the logo to the left bottom part and added a cover-up monster. :)
Clean-ups for the outlines. 
Adding pointilism on some of the monsters. I love how this textures look like when they are done.
Details, details and more details.
Pretty much done putting details to the center part but there's still so much to do.
Almost finished. But I'm bothered by the white spaces.
Fixing the black fills with white un-inked spots.
Finalizing myself.
Viola! The finished artwork. :)
My weapons of choice for this artwork. Unipin.
Exhibited at the annual Bloom Arts Event.
Monster Battle Royale

Monster Battle Royale

A portrayal of a dream I had which is actually based on my constant battle with coming up with new monsters for my works.

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