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    Step-by-step process of creating an ad for Tooth Avenue. Concept, copy, art direction, illustration, production, and final artwork done by me.
I did this project back in 2010. It was an assignment for the Young Creatives Raw School. Make an ad for Go Smile. My work got cited for insight. 
"A bright smile takes the fear away".
This insight, I shared it with my then partner/copwriter/creative director Jerry Hizon. It took us different routes for the art direction.
First, for compre (and for the assignment) I used stock images. (Poor photoshop skills, yeah, I know).
Thinking about shooting it, we thought we might have a hard time creating a life-size werewolf. So, I had to try a different approach. I illustrated the ads. I only finished one layout (Wolf) but I'm sharing the unfinished Reaper layout I did.
The only compre that made it.
I am a football player, and back then, we had an office football team. I made these characters out of my officemates' features. There's Apol, Allan, Pinoy, Miko, and Gogie. (Some of my other officemates asked why I didn't illustrate them, I just randomly picked people!)
Realized the art direction might be weak, we tried to push the art direction further.
I like playing with clay so I translated the characters in 3d. 
Start with sticks, wire, and foil
First layer of skin, gums, and then teeth
Final wolf and little boy1
Final girl 1 and boy 2
Girl's hair is made of untangled yarn
Setting them up for photoshoot
Shot in Ruben Hamamiga Dela Cruz' studio, it was so hard to transport the figures! The wolf was about 13in in height and was very heavy.
It took me about 3 hours to set up all of the characters and the room before we finally starting taking photos. 
For final artwork, we removed the wolf's and the children's stand, fixed the lighting and focused on the wolf's teeth.
Here are the details:
Made the copy out of clay too