Branding Consultant . Commercial Photographer . Communication Manager . Creative Director . Digital Marketer . Entrepreneur . Graphic Designer . Public Relations Professional . Social Media Maven .  Web Design, Interface, Architecture Development and Usability Expert 

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. It is a compilation of experience, technique and humor. OK, so I just threw the humor in... Seriously, I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had working in diverse fields. I love people, and service. 

I love making others look and feel good about themselves and their work which is one of the reasons I have loved my position working for Apple, Inc.

There are a few projects that I am particularly proud of. One is my development of a Volunteer Council model which was created to bridge a gap in community relations between a large company and the local area charities. Employees had an opportunity to volunteer in areas that interested them, while with minimal support, the company was able to achieve recognition. Another project was to create a communication line between local employers and students/alumni looking for jobs. A simple form opened a flood-gate of opportunity. Taking a step back and listening, asking questions and getting feedback are vital to the success of any endeavor.

Just so you know, I have had a few last names in my time on earth here. Greco, Guereux and Morse as well as DeLauro can be found on my work.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you; email me at or call/text 352-634-2509.
College of Central Florida Website Refresh; Marketing Department Web Redesign Project Manager for Accessibility and Mobile Responsiveness including legal documentation. Project worked on in Percussion Content Management System with Casey from Applewood Interactive.
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Me with Dr. Vernon Lawter after receiving Service Excellence award, May 2015.
Above is a now antique video produced by Roy Zachry to give you a little overview of my background.
About Me

About Me

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