TECHIIA Identity

TECHIIA is a holding that brings together the technological expertise of many companies and individual projects. 
It is a fast-growing company, that does serious business, in an easy but professional manner. 
No limits for ambitious business ideas and goals - ideate, create, implement, and expand! The company 
had been composed out of several diverse businesses, that now stand for a sustainable business ecosystem.

Also, it is a Ukrainian word that means "water flow" and symbolizes constant movement forward. 
It is a flexibility that is vital in today's fast-changing world. It is a force that brings progress to the service of humanity. 
And it is the care of nature and the environment in the development of technological solutions.

The visualization of the use of the Doppler effect idea 
(the phenomenon of the change in frequency of a wave in relation to an observer who is moving relative to the wave source).

By using this effect we wanted to show the meaning of TECHIIA as a constant movement forward, 
following modern-day technologies, and also setting trends in the digital world. 
And any of our actions affect changes in the outside world. 
This is what the Doppler effect proves and this is why it is taken as a basis in the identity-creation process.

TECHIIA stands for flexibility and openness to new things, focusing on nature and 
the environment when developing technology solutions. We tried to make these values part of the identity, 
using kinetic typography and natural motives.

TECHIIA Identity