IT Awards Identity

Ukrainian IT Awards

Ukrainian IT Awards is an annual award where the best IT-specialists of the state are singled out. It is one of the most significant and important contests in Ukrainian IT. Individuals and teams in all the spheres, ranging from design and development to management, participate in it.

Base grid

The identity basis is Modulor which is the system of proportions, developed by an architect Le Corbusier. It is a universal measuring system built on the average human body dimensions and the “golden ratio” (in which every following number equals the sum of two previous ones). Based on Modulor, a universal grid has been developed, upon which all the brand materials are built. The grid structurizes the brand style elements and refers to data sorting principles in IT technologies.


The main color in the identity is purple. If you look at the color spectrum (a rainbow), you can see that purple color may be visible in its two sides, uniting all the color spectrum. In the same way IT Awards unites all the assortment of nominations, presented in the rainbow-colored style.


The award includes 11 nominations, part of which are group ones. Therefore both individual IT-specialists, and companies/teams, influencing the development of their IT sphere, may participate in the contest. Every nomination is identified by its own color, to emphasize the uniqueness and significance of each IT category.


The Manrope font family is used for text blocks. This grotesque has simple geometric shapes due to which it is matched perfectly with rectangles in the style graphics. 
Text blocks in the design are located dynamically, but according to the  given grid, creating non-routine and interesting page making.



In 2020 the Ukrainian IT Awards was held not only offline but was broadcast via the Internet, so that everyone could watch the awarding of their favorites during the pandemic. Therefore one of the main tasks was supporting the same event stylistics in two formats. Thus, plenty of animated materials were developed for the broadcast to make sure that the viewers could plunge into the contest atmosphere. For the offline event a photo zone, printed products, a stage and other brand elements were created.


Web and social media

Apart from the identity it was necessary to develop a website as well, which would not only be visually interesting, but also satisfy all the user’s needs. Now the contest website 
is functioning much faster and more accurately than before. Also we highlighted the idea 
of rationalizing the data with the help of micro animations. Due to the additional on-line format of the contest, the design of the web and social media was extremely important. 
All visuals for social media are based upon the Modulor principle, and have small animations to make the viewers more involved.

IT Awards Identity
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