I've done a ton of custom, hand-drawn artwork for Jela's Phat Phibs & Badass Beardies. They're an Indiana-based retailer of exotic pets, selling giant frogs, bearded dragons, and geckos to a worldwide client base. Jeff and Ella, the owners, are also two really cool people! Check out their website at jelasphatphibs.com!
The original logo. This is what started it all! "Phat" meaning "cool" and "Phibs" meaning "amphibians." Try to keep up!
Caricatures of Jeff and Ella
The original logo for Badass Beardies, the bearded dragon branch of the business (alliteration anyone?)
Bearded Dragon - detail
At the beginning of 2012 Jeff and Ella decided to focus on bearded dragons as the main aspect of the business (phasing out the frogs), so I reworked their caricatures into a new logo to reflect that. Ella also assumed the role of lead photographer, and she's quite good!
Need roaches and worms to feed your pets? Look no further than Jela's Freaky Feeders!
Male and female Dubia roaches, which serve as food for the pets.
A Dubia nymph (baby) roach, which serves as food for the pets when they're younger and unable to eat the larger roaches. Soft and chewy.
Male and female Hisser roaches, which serve as food for the pets.
Fun Fact: The "monster" frog of Jela's Phat Phibs has a simplified version of Jeff's own tattoo sleeve on his arm. Did you notice it in the logo? He also has a lip ring like Ella!
A giant pop-up display I designed for Jeff and Ella to set up in the booths at reptile trade shows and expos. Ella kindly stood in for scale.
A 2.5" sticker that Jeff and Ella kindly packed in at no charge with each order.