Some examples of my motion graphics and animation work. My demo reel also features some motion tracking and compositing.
This is my motion graphics demo reel. Most of the work I've done since 2011 has been under non-disclosure and I am unable to display it publicly, but some of the few pieces I am able to show are posted below!
An intro animation I did for a web series called Up To Speed for All art/effects/photomanipulation was done by me. The Up To Speed logo was provided.
What happens when you're handed a single QuickTime featuring unkeyed footage of IndyCar drivers on greenscreen delivering random one-liners to the camera, no script or direction, and a two-day deadline to come up with something? This, apparently. NOTE: This version is before the final audio was mixed in via Avid, so please ignore the wacky levels!
Provided with a type layout designed by the talented Alyssa Strand (, I was hired by The Basement Motion + Design to animate a web spot for Tri-Auto. I was given PSDs, a voiceover track, and complete creative freedom over the animation, which was a blast. I love kinetic typeography. So much fun.
I was approached about doing a comic-book-style slideshow animation for a retirement party and couldn't pass it up. The song and a plethora of photos were provided, as well as some general suggestions for the type of scenes that the client wanted to be illustrated. All hand-drawn artwork was done by me, and once completed, I chose photos that I felt best went with the song and built the animation. The client was extremely happy with the results, and I had a lot of fun!