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The.DPP Fall 2020 Exhibition
"Tomatoes and Mangosteens"  by Liz Hernandez
"Old Against New" by Liam Keanini
"Don't Look At Me" by M. Davis Clarke
"Industrial America" by M. Davis Clarke
"Reflection Portrait Using Water" by Ashley Welborn
"Distant" by M. Davis Clarke
"The Unfold" by Abigail Trantham
"Collage of Self Portraits" by Irvin Villarreal 
"Portrait of Natalie, 3" by Anthony Gareaux - Fall 2020 Graduate
"August Beauty" by Anthony Gareaux - Fall 2020 Graduate
"Elusive" by Christina Hossler - Curator's Choice
"Cuba 2" by Jason Hyde
"Rivendell" by Kayleigh Brown
"Galactic" by Kayleigh Brown
"Worn Out" by Bailee Watson
"Dark Balloons" by Charles Schwartz
"Story of an Urban Creek" by Charles Schwartz
"Fire in the Sky" by Charles Schwartz
"Slanted Dawn, NYC" by Patricia Tierney Alofsin
"wash me away" by Stephen Gilmore
"Purple Flight Over the Pond" by David Hester
"Tunnel of Emptiness to the Light" by Marvis Dixon
"Baked for a King" by Mica McCook - Fall 2020 Graduate
"Still" by Jude Newland
"Pepper and Flower" by Jessica Oswald
"Floating Still" by Preston Rolls
"Round and Round We Go!" by Deedee Reiley - Fall 2020 Graduate
"We See Everything" By Deedee Reiley - Fall 2020 Graduate
"Keep Seeking" by Kylie Birchfield
"Vehicular Vision" by Luna Bolton - Curator's Choice
"pick your poison" by Stephen Gilmore
"Generations" by Kylie Birchfield
"Prague Boy" by Cyn Danielson
"The Texture of Tony Lamas" by Madeleine Burgess
"Time Up in Smoke" by David Hester
"Melting, Erasing" by Aurora Banks
"Drained" by Aurora Banks
"Green Campus" by Luna Bolton
"Yellow Heights" by Aurora Banks
"Convergence" by Jasmine Cogan - Fall 2020 Graduate
"Sun-kissed Field" by Meikan Estudō
"Onion Creek by Moonlight" by Johnny J. LeBlanc
"Pushing Away" by Marta Pinheiro
"Tower 17" by Calvin Poole
"On the Road to Marrakech" by Victor J Quintana R - Curator's Choice
"Still Life Typewriter" by Elisandra Saldana
"Classic Beauty" by Tiana Wanson
"Posing in the Mist" by David Hester
"Milky Way Over Cape Hatteras Lighthouse" by Johnny J. LeBlanc - Curator's Choice
"Nature Spirit" by Marta Pinheiro
"REBIRTH #7" by Elisandra Saldana
"Mexican American Cultural Center" by Cheryl A. White
"Untitled Diptych 3" by Emily Hsieh - Curator's Choice
"Smoker" by Jordan Moore
"Eyes Like Windows" by Jordan Moore
"Calista" by Abigail Trantham
"Colors" by Irvin Villarreal 
"Serendipity" by Ian Johnson
"Santiago" by Ian Johnson - Curator's Choice
The.DPP Fall 2020 Exhibition