"YELLOW" by Emily Hsieh
"Symmetrical Balance" by Emily Niksich Laughlin
"Sarah Sunset Portrait" by Avery Fletcher
"Accountability" by Alex Dickerson
"Roses are Red" by Tiana Wanson
"Legion Reload" by Corey Alpago
"Red Curvature" by Joaquin Morin
"Mustangs at the Capitol" by Charles Schwartz, Summer 2021 Graduate
"Not Alone" by Dakota Ford
"Natural Butterfly" by Ana Ellis
"Cookies" by Agata Chwalek, Spring 2021 Graduate
"Friends Forever" by Cristina Jesurun
"Bliss" by Susan Perkins
"Naranja" by Pamela Aparicio
Catalina Palacios · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"Three Friends" by Joaquin Morin
"Secret 5.12b Pt. 2" by Nathan Bryant
"Callophrys gryneus, Achillea millefolium" by Jennifer Mailloux, Spring 2021 Graduate
"GREEN" by Emily HSIEH
"Blood Moon Over Lonely Tree" by Justin Soliday
"Masked Man" by George Wood - Curator's Choice
"RED" by Emily Hsieh
"Chris" by Luna Bolton - Curator's Choice
"happy sick" by Ian Johnson - Curator's Choice
"Cobbler" by Jeffrey Horvath - Curator's Choice
"Dull Plain" by Liam Keanini
"I need you to listen." by Christina Hossler · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"Rippled Tank Top" by George Wood
"Tourist Attractions" by Liam Keanini - Curator's Choice
"Two Hats & One Chicken" by Jason Hyde · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"Flamenco Series, Untitled 5" by Victor J Quintana R
"I Am Found" by Abigail Trantham 
Anthony Gareaux · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"A Girl and Her Mustang" by Tiana Wanson
"WHITE" by Emily Hsieh
"Morado" by Pamela Aparicio
Christina Hossler · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"Unbroken" by Emily Hsieh
"Angelic" by Jax Tolleson · The Picture Review · Edition 13  - Curator's Choice
"PINK" by Emily Hsieh
"Hanapa'a" by Liam Keanini
"Portrait of a Truck Driver" by Elsi Ortiz
"Coming Out" by Deedee Reiley
Jax Tolleson · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"Planted" by Abigail Trantham
Jasmine Cogan· The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"American Me" by Dharam Khalsa
"Brian on Rings" by Tatiana K. Wright
"Vulnerable Spring" by Cesar Enriquez, Spring 2021 Graduate
"Bright Beginnings" by Deedee Reiley
"The Thinker" by Darryl Liningham
"liz" by Ian Johnson
Agata Chwalek · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"Things Are (Still) Queer" by Kayleigh Brown
"Untitled" by Marta Pinheiro
"Be My Valentine" by Tiana Wanson
"Six Degrees" by Dharam Khalsa
"Flamenco Series, Group Untitled 2" by Victor J Quintana R
"Yellow Tail Merlot" by Rogelio Adame Govea, Spring 2021 Graduate
"Watching – Cuba" by Jason Hyde · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
Mica McCook · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
"mantis" by Ian Johnson
"Green Eyes" by Gabriela Cavalier
"Entrance" by Reagan Ellis
"Untitled" by Elsi Ortiz - Curator's Choice
"The Coolest Cat" by Christina Hossler
"Untitled" by Elisandra Saldana
"diptych 3" by Jessica Oswald
"Bluephoria" by Nathan Bryant
"ORANGE" by Emily Hsieh
Liam Keanini · The Picture Review · Edition 13 
The.DPP Spring 2021 Exhibition