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    Victoria Baths photography series showing "desolation."
The photography series The Desolation is a series taken at Victoria Baths in
Victoria, Manchester and is an old swimming pool that once had great importance but then closed to the public. Victoria Baths plans to reopen though after several years of being closed to give back the vintage swimming pool to the public and should incorporate all the original features to retain the historical acuracy.
I visited throughout the period that it was closed to the public and created a shoot that very much shows the derelict building and the isolated and somewhat supernatural atmosphere due to the location being cold and very quiet. These things made me very aware of this concept and so thought to make a series on this atmosphere as the supernatural is something I have explored before in past projects and am very intrigued by this.
The cover photo for the project shown in this project is one of the images I am particularly proud of as I was glancing around looking for a new shot and suddenly saw my friend walk out of the entrance and so had a split second to capture it and the fact of it being so spontaneous and the way it almost shows the supernatural effect and the idea of the figure leaving being a spectre I really like.
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The Desolation series