Our Thinking
People who drive small cars have the biggest personalities. We had 200 small German cars to sell which,
believe it or not, had a lot of personality. The problem was that no one knew about it.

So we developed a promotion for the Audi A1 to show off its big personality and customisability. Create
and win your own Audi A1 Experience – a week long driving experience resulting in a massive party.

We designed, crafted and built a microsite at the centre of the promotion. Here people could enter,
create their own experience from a long list of choices and configure their personal Audi A1. All to show
off and sell the big personality of the small car. Here’s what we did.
We started with illustrations. Every aspect that a user chose for their party had its own illustration. We kept
it black and white for visual uniformity, but from there it was varied to add personality. We used simple
silhouettes, graphics and murals, detailed portraits, treated photographs and vectors.
The Grid
Now that we had all the illustrated content, we developed the grid system to house it. This lent itself to the
actual step by step entry process. Mouse over animation allowed us to unfold a lot of content within the
grid in a manageable way.
Together the illustrations and the grid formed our interface. The best thing about it was that once a user
had created their event, it generated a unique A1 wallpaper. This was their event – everything they’d personally
chosen in the entry process. And to keep it personal, we printed the winner’s custom wallpaper on a 10m long
canvas and made it part of the décor at their final experience.
We made the car personal too. We turned the Audi logo on its head, literally, and created a custom
A1 configurator. A user could personalise their own A1 using our most recognisable brand symbol,
unequivocally linking the two.
The outcome: we made the Audi A1 very personal for a lot of people. We sold 468 cars in our campaign
period – more than double our original target.
We successfully addressed our visibility issue. Traffic to the Audi A1 product page on our brand site
increased by 64% (12 701 vs. 20 799 average month views). This increase was more than just a
campaign spike, interest in the small car now remains bigger than ever before.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Nicholas Wittenberg
Art Director: Martine Hazell
Copywriter: Alex Holmes
Designer: Richard Myburg
Motion Designer: Andrew Pullen
Illustrators: Am I Collective
Digital Producer: Yolanda Snyman
Head of Development: Umar Jakoet
Developer: Darius de Witt
Developer: Siyabonga Makwelo
Strategist:  Dave Mackay
Managing Partner: Adrian Varkel
Loeries Finalist: Microsites
The Bookmark Awards: Bronze Microsites
The Assegai Awards: Gold Websites
Audi A1 Experience

Audi A1 Experience

People who drive small cars have the biggest personalities. We had 200 small German cars to sell which, believe it or not, had a lot of personali Read More

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