ePBT 6085

I created a series of renders for an upcoming high quality keycap set designed by nu_types, which takes inspiration from the Xerox 6085/Docutech keyboards.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

TMOv2 by Funderburker

A modern, cherry-style, interpretation of the model 65D (the 6085 keyboard) keycap color scheme. Grays with a hint of beige, and beautiful red-violet alpha legends.

 i69 by Illuminati Keyboards / Ion Keyboards
 Haus by Hand Engineering
Prime_E by PrimeKB
Iron180 by Smith + Rune

The keycaps are sold in separate kits that add support for numerous different languages and unique layouts which you can find on enthusiast keyboards.

The keyset will be made out of PBT plastic with dye sublimated legends and sold as a group buy (pre-order).

ePBT 6085 on the Iron180 by Smith + Rune & i69 by Illuminati Keyboards / Ion Keyboards

If you're interested in this keyset, check out its post on the geekhack forum.

ePBT 6085

ePBT 6085