Oakley - Mars

We were super excited when EssilorLuxottica asked us to produce THE teaser for the revival of this legendary piece of eyewear. THE OAKLEY MARS.
Process Reel
   To emphasize the iconic status of the Mars glasses, our goal was to create a film featuring fast-moving footage that captures planet environmental views, rover details, and an elevated product reveal.
We started by doing extensive research and development to find the right look and experimented with the Mars environment, the eyewear itself and the color palette. AS WE HAD TO WAIT FOR THE FINAL 3D MODEL WE ALREADY STARTED WITH A PLACEHOLDER working on LOOK DEVELOPMENT.
We played with lights and camera movements to add depth, incorporated edgy transitions, noise and color inversions to achieve the real Oakley ‘Mad Science’ look and feel.
Also a highlight of this project was the creation of the Oakley Mars Rover. Using the NASA Rover as a base, we redesigned it to have a more Oakley-influenced design, drawing inspiration from the unique, brutal, yet organic architecture of Oakley’s headquarters.
For portrait shots and key visuals, we used a 3D realistic human silhouette. This approach allows us to keep the product in the spotlight, enabling us to experiment with lights and reflections and achieve a premium look.
Thanks to everyONE who has been involved in this STUNNING project. it was a beautiful experience to create this GREAT film, for these legendary pair of glasses.
Client: EssialorLuxottica
Art Director: Nikita Nikiforov
Copywriter: Miguel Alcantara De Melo Brader
Producer: Cambiaso Erizzo Alvise Andrea Ettore
Project Coordinator: Clara Martinez

CreativeHub ECD: Filippo Vezzali
CreativeHub Team Lead: Riccardo Menoncin

For Oakley
Communication Manager: Vincent Petion
Global Product Marketing Manager: Pierre St-Amand

Production: STyleframe
3D Artists: Leon Klaas, Marco Friedrichs, Andre Aulbach, Tim Weishaupt,
Jaron Frick, Berk Budal, Catarina Nykytina, Robin VolK
Editor: Colin Vallas
Producer: Lorenzo Emma
EP: Robin Volk

Audio: Playroom Studios GmbH
Oakley - Mars