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Alevo is a company dedicated to the research, innovation, and production of genetically enhanced corn seeds. Agriculture is a tough and volatile business whose success depends on many variables. One year you can have your heftiest harvest ever, and be struggling to meet your quota the next. Alevo provides crop certainty to farmers around the world. Using their research and technology, they create their signature SmartSeeds™ to ensure crop health and strength. 

When creating the brand we wanted to make sure the innovative and technological aspects were embedded into it. We designed a brand system that allows the brand to work as smart as it looks. Overall, Alevo stands out as the innovative partner every farmer needs to make every year a good year. 
The Seed System

Alevo creates seeds for many types of environments and purposes so we designed an icon system that would make it easier to identify each one. Using the same basis as the pattern, we use the geometric shapes to create a unique icon that contains the pertaining information of every seed.
The Pattern

To create an intricate brand system we designed a thoughtful pattern that represents the genetic intelligence of the SmartSeeds™. Each unit represents a part of a DNA strand that comes together to form a modular pattern. This element can be used throughout the brand and uplifts any design application.