Virtus Logistics rebranding

Virtus Logistics

Virtus Logistics has been providing logistics and forwarding services since 2013. Despite the short internship, the company currently employs 118 employees in 16 branches. Their approach focuses on providing high-quality services that will be profitable for customers. At the beginning, Virtus Logistics approached us with only minor graphic works. Our small projects resulted in the decision of complete rebranding for the company.



The old logo required a thorough reconstruction. The color scheme, typography, overlapping gradients and shadows and the logo mark itself — all of this required a profound rebranding. One of the main assumptions was to refer to the old colors.

Initial sketches and the idea

During the conceptual work, we have decided to distinguish the letter V on which there is a lot of emphasis in pronunciation. We have created a characteristic mark based on the letter V in which we have embodied movement and dynamism. The logo is complemented with typography which proved to be perfect for creating other subbrands and brand collateral.

Virtus sub-brands

The Virtus has many brands that lacked a common ground. Our goal was to simplify the message by distinguishing each brand with different colors. Using a different supplementary color for each sub-brand made it possible to distinguish each specialization and still keep the fundamentals of the main logo.

Prints and Key Visual

As a part of rebranding process, we have prepared advertising materials that coloristically corespond to their brands. The main goal was to create a key visual that would allow you to immediately associate the characteristic skews in the project with the Virtus company.

Virtus' Fleet

The fleet, which travels both in Poland and abroad, could not be missed during the rebranding process. We wanted this part to have a characteristic theme corresponding to each brand separately.

Brand Collateral

In addition to unique elements that allow the company to promote itself to the world, we also took care of their employees by creating brand collateral that functions in their everyday space - from a pen to the costumes of sport teams.


A new website was the last element that underwent a major redesign. Conceptual work and wireframing allowed us to organize information architecture and present the offer of the company in a clear way. We solved problems such as contact with appropriate departments or contact with individual persons responsible for specific tasks at Virtus Logistics. We designed and developed the website coherently with the Key Visual established at the earlier stages of graphic works.

Virtus Logistics rebranding

Project Made For

Virtus Logistics rebranding

Complete rebranding for Virtus Logistics - transportation company.