Q+Q Studio


Q + Q is a collective offering a wide range of design aesthetics, supported by its intuitive and creative spirit. Provides services in the field of interior design and arrangement, and the creation of high-quality 3D visualizations.​​​​​​​

Scope of Work:
Branding    I    Print projects
   I    Webdesign


Q + Q Studio was created from the merger of two studios. LOQM, a studio specializing in designing private and commercial interiors on an individual basis, and QNSZT, a studio creating high-quality 3D visualizations.

Our task was to create a coherent image for each studio, finding a common factor between them, so that each studio could use its own sign.


We focused on the combination of the letter Q, which is emphasized in each of the names. A distinctive mark can represent both Q+Q Studio and each studio separately.

Q+Q Studio
Multiple Owners
Bartlomiej Cwikalowski