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    My work is related to the process of evolution in my life-evolution that contains suffering,happiness and awareness. For me Photography is a way … Read More
    My work is related to the process of evolution in my life-evolution that contains suffering,happiness and awareness. For me Photography is a way of being aware of myself as an entity.Everything that results visually from my Photo "research" is another attempt of feeling and understanding myself more deeply in relationship with the others. And I don't consider that the reference me/others is selfish. Because "the others" wouldn't exist without me perceiving them as "other" entities. There has to be an "I" to perceive the "other". But I discover that the reference me/other becomes a whole in the visual image. I don't know where "I" "begin" and the "other" "finishes". For me, the photographer is like a tympanum that constantly vibrates, stimulated by the factors around it. He takes pictures of things that regular people pass by. When people see his photos, they ask themselves: How come I didn't see "it"? How come I never see "it"? (Whatever "it" may be) Photography is "breathing" the world every day with all your senses. It is presence through absence(the absence of the real thing that was photographed). Photographs are traces of my passing , here, on Earth. The series of the nine photographs attached here are part of a series called “On Open Heart Surgery”, an act of awareness of my Balkan origins.(It’s my open heart surgery, metaphorically speaking). We are inoculated that being a Balkan is something wrong, that we are somehow inferior by birth in comparison to the Westerns. The photographs are a way of understanding myself in relationship with the world around me- of understanding myself as a Balkan and finally as a human being. They represent attitudes, stages of human feelings and places (photographed in Romania and Bosnia). Feelings and places from “where I belong” ( that was the title of Michele Bressan’s series from last year). My series, generally speaking, is not about “where”, is about “why” I belong here and not somewhere else. My series is about being aware why I belong to Romania and the Balkans in general. The photos are about feelings that I’ve had during years. Feelings of loneliness, of isolation, of continuous interiorisation. We sometimes feel like that. Isolated, without hope, without escape. We expect to be saved from ourselves by an exterior force…The feelings are “integrated” in specific spaces, currently met in the Balkan region- abandoned places, old buildings…places that are considered to be characteristically or sometimes kind of a cliché for this region by the Westerns. A world torn apart by history, people and circumstances. A world of doubts, of insecurities, but in essence a true, vivid world. We are alive and passional in everything we choose to do. I tried to capture the “local flavour” in a more serious way, not in a picturesque way as it is generally done. This is me seen through human figures and places from where I was born and from where I currently live. Read Less
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