Image Triangulator App

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  • Working in the Processing development environment, we recently developed our own little application for abstracting images, using the controlP5 library for the interface.
    Image Triangulator gives you the ability to triangulate any image. The level of abstraction you get depends on the amount of points you plot. The app will allow you to save your plotted points as a text file and the final image as a pdf. You can further edit the pdf in Adobe Illustrator, as the original image will be included as a bottom layer.
    This is a great example of us expediting our own process on a project – then sharing that learning to create positive experiences for other content creators.
    Download beta versions
    OSX  |  Windows (64bit)  |  Windows (32bit)
    *Updated 2014/02/15
    *Chrome might detect these files as a virus due to java content but rest assured these files are not infected.
    ** For new OSX 10.8 and up users - by default the security setting will not allow you to run any downloaded app that is not published by Apple. You can change that under System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Allow apps downloaded from - Anywhere. For any other issues check the readme.txt included with the zip files or send us a message.

  • Basic interface splash screen explaining the functions of various buttons.
  • Original Mode - displays the original loaded image with plotted points.
  • Blurred Mode - similar to Photoshop's smart blur filter, tries to preserve detail while smoothing out fine inconsistencies. This gives the final triangulated image a more smooth and consistent look.
  • Mesh Mode - overlays resulting triangles over top of the original image.
  • Result Mode - the final triangulated image.
  • Plotting less points results in a more abstract image.